What Are The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning?

When you dig your toes into the carpet in your home, it is a welcome, comforting feeling. As time passes, and dust and dander settle into your carpet, it’s important for you to have the right carpet cleaning company on call. Our team at CarpetMaster is diligent in our efforts to not only clean your carpet but also to use the best products and materials to do so. We use Nanomaxx, and Rob's Secret formula, green label thymol infusion. The reason why we select environmentally friendly products is that it’s good for our customer’s health. Besides, it just makes sense to help our customers not only have clean carpets but to breathe in clean, fresh air whenever possible. Please review the following questions and answers to discover more about this often-overlooked process.

Why Is It Important To Use Materials That Are Environmentally Friendly?

Carpets absorb a lot. As a common flooring choice for homes, they absorb not only dirt and dander, but also the chemicals from cleaning products. Because this is the case, it’s important to use carpet cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. When you walk into a room, you are breathing in the fumes from cleaning products that are used to keep your indoor environment clean. While filters and air purification can provide vital help, the best way to eliminate harmful chemicals from your home is to only use carpet cleaning services that incorporate environmentally friendly cleaning products. 

Do you have children? What about prevailing allergies that diminish your lung capacity? If you are experiencing either of these two life situations, then you will want to invest in eco-friendly products. This is because an eco-friendly product will help reduce fumes and VOCs that can harm your body. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds that are emitted from certain solids or liquids.

How Does Using Eco-Friendly Products Help The Environment?

Investing in eco-friendly products, such as green carpet cleaners, can eliminate detrimental chemicals and fumes from entering your home. Many cleaning products that are on the market do not have warning labels that accurately represent the harm that these chemicals can present to human beings, animals, and the environment. By not purchasing those chemical-laden products, you can increase the health of your indoor atmosphere.

What Products Are Eco-Friendly?

At CarpetMasters, we use Nanomaxx, and Rob's Secret formula, green label thymol infusion. Each of these products is VOC compliant. According to experts in the carpet industry, Nanomaxx is a true “green” product because it is made out of extracts of corn, grain, soybeans, potatoes, coconut, and palm, all on the list of FDA approved GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and EAFUS (Everything Added to Food in the United States) food stocks and food additives. Meanwhile, Rob’s green formula boasts No soap or dye, no D-Lime, no NTA's, no low-grade materials, no oxidizers, and no fillers. There is a lot to be proud of when it comes to featuring these two products as part of our carpet cleaning offerings.

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